Bedarra is one of the most beautiful places in the world and we are passionate about keeping it this way. We are not just paying lip service to the philosophy of sustainability, we have made real changes to the operation of the resort to significantly reduce our impact on the environment.


In late 2011, we undertook a Sustainability Analysis of the island to determine the population of guests and staff the resort could reasonably sustain on a long-term basis. A particular emphasis was placed on water resources, power consumption and waste production and recycling.

The major result of our analysis has been the reduction in the number of guest villas from sixteen to only ten, with a similar decrease in the quantum of staff accommodation. The benefits have been twofold; the consumption of resources has been significantly reduced and our guests share the island with fewer people, further enhancing the feeling of privacy and seclusion for which Bedarra is renowned.

As a result of these initatives, we have been awarded with both Advanced Ecotourism and Climate Action Business certification by Eco Tourism Australia.


Some of our sutainability intitatives are detailed below:


A new off-grid hybrid solar system coupled with a battery bank and a back-up generator has replaced the 3 x 185 Kva diesel powered generators on the island. Diesel consumption at the resort has reduced by 97.5% as a direct result of the new off-grid system and the associated re-fit of electrical fittings and appliances with low power alternatives throughout the resort. A more tangible benefit for our guests is the elimination of the incessant hum and smell of diesel engines operating constantly throughout the day and night.



We source fresh water from plentiful tropical rainwater which is collected in our storage tanks, rather than producing water by a diesel-powered desalination plant as has occured in the past. We also draw from several perennial freshwater springs on the island to supplement water supplies during the drier months. We have also replaced a large amount of older water reticulation infrastructure on the island to reduce the risk of any potential water leaks.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Each villa has its own individual solar hot water system, significantly reducing the energy requirements of heating water on the island.

Waste and Recycling

Waste production has been significantly reduced on the island. Firstly, the amount of waste arriving at the island has been reduced by giving preference to suppliers that do not use excessive packaging for their produce. All organic waste is composted for use on our island vegetable gardens, as are most cardboard products. Alumnium waste is separated and transported to the mainland for recycling. A new bio-cycle septic system has been installed on the island to replace the 25 year old sewerage treatment plant, with all treated effluent being dispersed underground through sand beds without any risk of contact with the ocean or fringing reefs.

Unfortunately there are no glass recycling facilities in North Queensland, so most glass ends up as landfill. To counter this, we have invested in a glass crushing machine on the island that reduces all glass to sand. This glass sand is then used by us as aggregate in concreting and landscaping applications throughout the resort.

Swimming Pool

Our main pool utilises an ioniser to sanitise the pool water rather than a chlorinator or salt water chlorinator. The result is a 95% reduction in the amount of chemicals needed to keep the pool fresh and clean, with an added benefit being the pool water has the smell and taste of freshwater rather than salt or chlorine.

Linen & Laundry

All laundering of linen is undertaken on the mainland to reduce the risk of potential phosphates entering the adjoining Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.


We maintain a program of continual replanting of the foreshore of Bedarra with native species to help rejuvenate and stabilise the fore dune vegetation on the island.

Island Vegetable Garden

We are cultivating an organic island vegetable garden to help provide for our fruit and vegetable requirements for the resort. All organic food scraps are composted to help fertilise this garden. In addition we have planted a multitude of fruit trees throughout the resort to provide fresh produce for our guests.


We are continually striving to provide a luxury island experience in a more sustainable manner. We are constantly reviewing and making changes to our operation that will truly benefit the environment and this spectacular location.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bedarra and sharing with you the natural beauty of the island and our philosophy of sustainability.